Cantina Colli Vaibò

On the southern coast of Lake Garda, situated on Pozzolengo territory, we can visit the Winery Vaibo’. Since ages this area was consecrated to the Lugana wine D.O.C. The fruitful shoot is known as Trebbiano and its roots catch on the clay soil. Due to his favourable position (18 hectares) the winery Vaibo’, takes advantages of the climate influence of Lake Garda, which enable a wide range of wines.

Gianfranco & Diego are producing wine since three generations. They are knowledgeable.

In winemaking .Thanks to their passion they can produce a sort of wine, that combines tradition and aromatic flavours.

They used to follow step by step the personally winemaking process in order to obtain a good quality wine, exported throughout the world.

The winery Vaibo’ offers a perfumed sip of this land.


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