Cantina Cobue

Cobue is a winery that can be found in a wonderful landscape among nature that can be admired in every season of the year, especially in autumn or in spring.

It’s a perfect place for agricolture and livestock and a very important battle for the indipendence of Italy was fought there the 24th june 1859.

The farm house is divided in two buildings: one of them was a small convent, the other is still a stable with barns. Between the two buildings there is a large courtyard, where a centuries-old chest nut can still be seen.

In 1971 family Gettuli became the new owner of this farm, and today Laura takes care of the property with her husband Aurelio Castoldi and her children Simona and Gilberto. Cobue is now 25 hectars big and more then 10 are wineyards: thanks to the farmer Maurizio this is the flagship of the farm where he produces unique and good wines, using native grape varieties.

Upon booking you are welcome in our winery, where you could see our wineyards and taste our wine eating fresh typical products.


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