Cantina Brunello

On the southern bank of the Garda lake, in the typical zone of production of the wine Lugana, Battista grandfather founded in the 1930 the Agricultural firm BRUNELLO.

Here wine is followed according to the simple philosophy that symbolize the firm, where the products maintain their natural identity, originality and typical through the use of autochtonous grapes.

In the 8 hectares of clayey-calcareous earth the vineyards are directly taken care of by the family, and the production of good grapes allows to get wines of quality.

The wines products are: Lugana DOC; BATTISTA Vino bianco Spumante di Qualità (Metodo Classico); Garda DOC Cabernet; Garda DOC Merlot; “Noè” Garda DOC Merlot (oak barrel); “1930”Garda DOC Cabernet (oak barrel).


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