Azienda Agricola Al Muràs

The farm well known as “ Il Muras”

It is situated at the feet of local castle in Pozzolengo, not far from Lake Garda. All our cultivations are BIO.

In 2001 we have started cultivating Saffron, based on Crocus sativus. This element is important to attest the top quality of native saffron.

These successful results are to attribute to the soil and the weather of the area. This cultivation is treated by hand in all its phases.

The harvest starts taking the flowers from the plant, before the sun rays strike the stigmas. The separation from the flower should have been done carefully, so that the yellow elements are ready for toasting.

The toasting is made by putting the stigmas at the right distance from the braziers so that the evaporation process can be taken place. After the toasting the yellow powders can be wrapped in small bags or in jar glasses.


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